My name is Zard and I was born-and-raised on the island of Guam and now residing in San Diego, CA. My love for art began during childhood and has shaped my desire to explore many styles and mediums. In late 2010 was when I found my love for customizing toys and since then have done over a thousand customs. My inspiration comes mainly from my other favorite thing in life: FOOD. My goal when creating each piece is to try and capture realism in the details where it practically looks good enough to eat.

I’ve posted some of the previous creations here in Bored Panda from the past few years.


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Adventure Time: Everything Burrito


Almond Joy

Bagel Bites

BBQ Squid

Instant Ramen

Beer Pong

Harry Potter: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

Big League Chew

Bloody Mary

Bob’s Burger: Baby You Can Chive My Burger

Bunny Cookie

Harry Potter: Butterbeer

Butterfinger BB’s

Chamorro Empanada

South Park: Cheesy Poofs Cake Pop

Chocolate Cake


Coconut Pocky

NY Coffee & Bagel


Pizzeria Pretzel Combos

Steven Universe: Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwich

Crack Candy: Dark Chocolate

Crack Candy: Caramel

Crack Candy Rabbit

Nacho Cheese Doritos

Double Cream Yan Yan

Dubble Bubble


E.T. Reese’s Pieces

Egg Tart

Fairly OddParents: Magic Muffin

Fish Taco


Green Alien Dumpling

Green Eggs & Ham

Gua Bao

Strawberry Hello Panda

Honey Toast