This series started by replacing Van Gogh's face with Clint Eastwood's.

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I wasn't completely satisfied with the result, so I tried to work with masks and I realized that the stripes effect was super cool, as there was a perfect combination of pictured and painted image. Moreover, the new face I assembled was totally unique.

Somehow it struck me like a Picasso's portrait.

For each artwork, most of the time is spent searching for the right picture of actress/actor to combine with the painting I choose.

It takes a lot of patience.

Once I have found it, it's all about creating three or four masks and work a little on them.

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#1 Botticelli's "venus" And Brigitte Bardot

Botticelli's "venus" And Brigitte Bardot

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Ged Maybury 1 year ago

A good concept, exceptionally well done! Extraordinary how two images can match so well. Love it!