I want to present you my pastel paintings. My inspiration mainly comes from the beauty of natural, organic forms. Throughout my life, I have attended dance, sports, yoga and design classes that helped me to develop an artistic vision.

The artistic vision focuses on sensations, impressions, imagination and the psychological impact of forms and colors. I have explored the way colors influence people’s vision field when they are looking at a certain painting, in terms of art therapy and psychology.

When I was drawing trees, a lot of inspiration came from the book called ‘The Hidden Life Of Trees’ written by Peter Wohlleben.

I believe that each painting has its own story, therefore, I love to draw different shapes and structures in order to make it unique. As for example, I created a story about my recent drawing ‘The Meeting Of Two Lonely Hearts’:

Two little seedlings were growing apart in the wasteland. However, when they grew up, they finally met each other. Their roots and branches intertwined together and they became one. Since then, two hearts exist as one. 

After all, they say that trees have souls!

More info: nataliarumyantseva.com

The hidden life of trees

Golden autumn. Birch trees

Lavender fields

Wise Owl

The meeting of two lonely hearts

Golden autumn


Forest whisper


Mysterious Fields

Natural Forms. Abstraction

Magic leaves