My name is Meredith Dillman and I have long been inspired by fantasy and fairy tales. Long ago I had ideas of becoming a fashion designer, but I became an artist instead. I still use my love of fashion in my watercolor paintings, by creating fairies in fanciful costumes without having to sew (even writing a book about how to paint fantasy costumes). Inspiration is everywhere around me: from art history the the petals and leaves or plants and the forest floor.

My paintings are created with ink, watercolor, some acrylic, and a little magic! I have collected 13 of them together to make a fairy enchanting 2018 calendar and that I am currently crowdfunding. I hope they are inspiring to you too!

More info:

Lilac Dew

Fall Fairy detail

Forest Finery

Iris of the Rainbow

Summer Fairy detail

Earth Witch

Winged Sisters

Fairy Grail

Spring Fairy detail

The Empress


Winter Fairy detail

The Lookout

Enchanted Forest

Lady in Green