I paint, draw, and take photos to support my 16 year old and raise awareness for pediatric Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I have been a solo parent for many years, but last year things became even more challenging. My daughter, Pam, was diagnosed with CRPS and Fibromyalgia in March 2016. She has had 65 various types of appointments and treatments in one year. Her records exceed 120 pages over 5 years for various fibromyalgia symptoms and the constant stabbing pain in both knees of CRPS. 

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I know now that this is not unique for this diagnosis, especially in children. CRPS is considered rare. Most doctors have not had experience with this neurological misfire, which is known as the most painful known to man. It is a constant burning, stabbing pain that is rated higher than that of cancer, childbirth, and amputation. There are many types of treatments that can bring the pain flares down and sometimes remission, but the longer they've had it the harder it is to accomplish that. No two people have the same presentation; treatments may not work, or sometimes even make symptoms worse. It can spread. Although discovered during The Civil War, there is still no cure. I hope to be an advocate to help all who suffer, and that the raised awareness will lead to more research, assistance, and a cure. They can't do it alone, and have to live with it and manage the pain for their entire lives. For kids there is only one main support group in the world, Ferocious Fighters. Appropriately named, our kids are warriors in the fight for their lives.

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