Every now and then, we are graced by wholesome comics which make our day. It was the same for me but just a year ago while on a break, I decided to plunge into making my own comics geared towards the same purpose — making people smile.

I experimented a little and finally came up with Corgiyolk. It’s exactly as it sounds — a corgi mashed up with an egg. With Corgiyolk, I created slice of life and positive comics with themes ranging from Harry Potter to Avengers to We Bare Bears. My aim? To brighten up people’s day.

Scroll down to check out some of the strips:

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#1 You’re the beary best

#2 If Corgiyolk appeared in Avengers: Infinity War

#3 This is what happens when you put a Corgiyolk shaped bathbomb into your tub

#4 Me in IKEA as a kid

#5 Loving yourself is not shellfish

#6 Of Japanese food puns

#7 Good Boy

#8 Japanese secret to a long and happy life

#9 Don’t worry, you will figure it out at your own pace

#10 Sakura can teach us a thing or two