I am Karen Pereira, from Mumbai, India. My low-paying job and stressful work environment drove me to try my hand at miniature pencil lead carving. I channel my stress into making something productive and pretty. Over the past few months, I have carved my favourite superheroes, movie characters, and abstract work on pencil points and added a little more depth to it by painting them too.

One of the reasons I began carving was because I could never draw 3D figures. I would like to point out that I do not have a degree or any certification in art and make these carvings using an old sewing needle, a shaving blade and a painting brush that I had to cut up in order to paint. These carvings are also made without any magnifying glass, and to tell you the truth, I too only see (properly) the final outcome when I take a picture to upload on my Instagram account.

Making these 5mm pieces also has its own therapeutic value to me, and I hope that one day others too can discover the benefits of using art as therapy.

More info: Instagram

The Wolverine bust i carved on a pencil point in excitement for ‘X-Men Apocalypse’

IronMan bust complete with the arc reactor carved and painted on a pencil point

I carved and painted Captain America and Black Widow after watching ‘Captain America: Civil War’

One of my first batch of carvings included this bust of Groot from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

My Captain America pencil carving that I have been dying to give Chris Evans

I carved and painted a Minion on a pencil point

Carved and painted a giant Panda sitting among bamboo shoots

I made my very own Iron Throne from Game of Throne on a pencil point

Pencil carving of Superman holding up a boulder of Kryptonite

Batman’s bust carved on a pencil point