You’ve all heard of Krampus but you may not know the Legend of Frau Perchta The Christmas Witch. Tales come from Austrian and Bavarian tradition. ⁣

Frau Perchta — much like Santa Claus — will reward good children and punish the bad. She also punishes women for unkempt households and unspun flax. For those she deems good, a silver coin is left for them. If she deems you unworthy, if you forget to leave out a bowl of porridge for her, if your flax is half spun and unfinished, she slits open your abdomen, removes your organs, and replaces them with straw. If that’s not metal AF I don’t know what is. Moral of the story, be kind and don’t be lazy ⁣ What would you do if you saw this in the woods?

Model: Star Steenson ⁣// Epic Makeup by @taelorfx who used the Woochie

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