I started backpacking when I was 18. When I was 19 I moved abroad (more specifically to Kaunas, Lithuania) and started traveling (always low-cost) as long as I had money and time.

Since I’ve been making home movies for 10 years I decided to start a new challenge; I made short movies using my old video camera because I wanted to transmit how it felt to be there. In less than 90 seconds.

More info: fateuser.com

The time I saw the Aurora Borealis in Lapland.

For real, swimming in the Arctic Ocean is something we should all do at least once. So “refreshing”.

The time I got lost in Bangkok and ate a grasshopper.

A massive city and I decided to travel alone. And I got lost. And also I decided to eat worms and a grasshopper. Yummy!

The time I rode a scooter through the muddiest roads in Laos.

I am no expert riding motorbikes. Even less scooters. So it was definitely not a good idea to go off-road with such “not-well-prepared” bikes.

The time when I celebrated my 24th birthday in Italy.

Not my first time in that country and not the latest one. I’m really thinking about moving over there.

The time I got to see my Korean friend after 2 years.

My first time in Asia. Finally after 2 years I got to meet my friend. South Korea is such a beautiful country.

The time I traveled alone in the United Arab Emirates.

First time ever in a muslim country. Dust. Fast cars. Gigantic buildings. Can I get back there? Thanks! :)

The time I felt like Tomb Raider (Lara Croft) in Cambodia.

Visiting the Angkor Wat temples, one of the seven wonders. Absolutely mind-blowing.