In the middle of march I have met my friend that told me I have to be more unique creating my Instagram. I always wanted to mix photography with graphic design, even I never wanted to take pictures. So one day, I have sat in front of my computer with graphics tablet on and started painting over my pictures because the main theme was to post only blue pictures, but in the winter even sky isn’t blue. So I have found alternative making simple streetview looking surreal, at some point like taken from Tim Burton’s movies. It is the way I realx now, giving the old architecture new life, being virtual car refinisher, doing some short making of videos of it. You can find me under the nickname @marcindiering. Have a nice day!

More info: Instagram

My friends like to cooperate with me

My kind of selfie, wall of the local market

Sometimes I am white mad

Isn’t it dreamy now? I love blue

After posting it I have realised there is a Jesus in the window

I love people that are walking into my pics, they’re from Random Models agency

Blue bricks are usually getting the biggest attention

This is how I see abandoned places

And this is my friend that pushed me info paiting reality

One of my making of videos