With his hypnotic art installations, renowned Austrian artist Peter Kogler transforms ordinary room decor and molds architecture into surreal visual illusions for spectators. Influenced by American minimalism, Kogler’s lines are often reduced to black on white for maximum contrast and impact. Using both paint and projections, he creates his own unique installation artworks on spaces that are often forgotten—stairwells, entrance halls, corridors. Thus, he creates exhibition space out of architecture that would most often be disregarded.

Kogler’s career spans more than 30 years and he is considered a pioneer in digital art. He is constantly pushing the limits of modern art with the technology that is on hand. He’s a key figure in bringing technology and the arts together. “I have always been very interested in the question as to how far technological developments and moves can transform my visual or artistic idioms to different media,” he shared the thoughts on his unique art in a 2014 interview. “This is something that I am permanently observing, and that means I often have to adjust my works. This is probably also the reason why I decided to work with a much reduced visual vocabulary.”

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