Believe it or not, that picture of Morgan Freeman is not a photo – it’s a finger painting. UK-based artist Kyle Lambert finger-paints (or finger-draws, if you’re a purist) extraordinarily photo-realistic portraits of famous Hollywood stars on his iPad.

Lambert, who is a trained oil painter and illustrator, uses an iPad Air with the Procreate application. This Morgan Freeman portrait was drawn based on a photograph, but the video proves that Lambert recreated it entirely through his own artistic talent. Although the brief time-lapse makes it look like a breeze, it actually took Lambert more than 200 hours and 285,000 brush strokes to complete.

Morgan Freeman is far from the only star that Lambert has given a finger-painting makeover to. His Youtube channel features videos of many other stars like Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham, Will Smith and Megan Fox.

The artist used only his fingers and an iPad with the Procreate app.


Over all, the portrait took 285,000 brushstrokes.


Over 200 hours later, it was hard to distinguish his painting from a photograph.


Watch Kyle Lambert In Action

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