Michelle and Stanford, besides being a married couple, created the brand Misala. After the pair moved together to Dubai, Michelle found adapting to life there sometimes difficult. As a way of coping with the culture shock, she decided to return to her childhood hobby: handmade crafts and design. The main concept behind the project is “to explore the many possibilities of kisslock purse frames”.

Thanks to the life changes the couple have made we can all enjoy their wonderful purses. As you’ll see, there are many that are cut into cool animal shapes. So if you feel like keeping your money or phone inside a fox, penguin, hedgehog or the belly of a whale, take a look at Misala!

More info: en.dawanda.com

Swan Wallet

Crocodile Clutch Purse

Squirrel Clutch Purse

Piggy Card Holder

Hedgehog Clutch Purse