Most of us are familiar with the coveted Oprah’s Book Club list, but where do you turn to for children’s book recommendations? Well, look no further than the Imgur thread, ‘Kaitlin Critiques A Children’s Book,’ where online user Kaitlin has posted each page of children’s book ‘A Hungry Lion or A Dwindling Assortment of Animals,’ with hilarious commentary.

The young library associate told Bored Panda her inspiration for the project struck one slow winter shift at her first library job, working the circulation desk.

“I was extremely bored so I opened up one of the children’s books that had been checked in and just started reading it. It was a book about skiing squirrels and I thought it was hilarious so I started snapchatting my reactions to it.” She said originally she just shared her ‘reviews’ with friends on snapchat until her sister told her to post them to Facebook.

The twenty-six-year-old said she thinks she’s made about 20 reviews, however, her critique of the lion book is the first one she has posted to Imgur. To Kaitlin’s surprise, the thread has been a big hit.

“I was surprised that people actually thought I was funny and wanted more. My friends asked me to do more and gave requests. I was pretty floored by the response on Imgur,” she said.

In her commentaries, she mentions everything from the character’s crazy facial expressions to pointing out major plot holes. But it’s these characteristics that the Chicago woman loves about this genre of books, “Anything can happen in a children’s book and that child will accept it regardless of how off the wall it is.”

Scroll down below for the full review of ‘A Hungry Lion or A Dwindling Assortment of Animals’ !

Chicago woman Kaitlin has received some online attention for her unique take on children’s books

The library associate has been posting book critiques

And we have to say they are pretty hilarious

Each page contains comments on everything from illustrations

To some author plotholes

She even added in some ‘lessons’ kids can learn from the story

People loved the thread and are asking for more