Faid jewelry collection is the result of the collaboration between a 3d jewelry designer-Aggelopoulos Konstantinos(founder of AgSquare jewelry workshop) and a visual artist-Yahnees Kaiman. As friends they decide to join forces and create something unique and different from their usual creations and after numerous rejected ideas they had the blast.

Τhe inspiration was drawn from the destruction of the environment and the possibility of technology’s ability to contribute to the restoration, as the 3D printing brought to life these forms. The collection’s animals are Sumatran Tiger, Javan Rhino, Western Lowland Gorilla, Saola the Asian Unicorn and Giant Panda. As a result the name FAID pop out Five Animals In Danger.

Yahnees start with concept sketches as a basis for the 3d design and Konstantinos gave life to them. All the jewels are 3D designed and 3D printed. Then sterling silver lost casting wax system and handmade finishing. White or Black rhodium plated. Faid collection consists of pendants and rings. Their design combines a modern trigonometric transformation of organic forms in such a way that gives a durable but lightweight product. It makes the individual who wears it to be more protective to the nature and think of the results of his activity or inactivity.

Last but not least, almost a year after the project realisation we joined an international competition and a Golden A’ Design award in Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category, 2015 – 2016 honored and motivate us to start planning the next project.

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Javan rhino white rhodium plated

Western lowland gorilla white rhodium plated

Saola the Asian unicorn white rhodium plated

Saola the Asian unicorn black rhodium plated

Sumatran tiger turn around

Western lowland gorilla turn around

Giant panda turn around

Javan rhino turn around

Saola the Asian unicorn

Giant pand white rhodium plated

Giant panda black rhodium plated

Western lowland gorilla black rhodium plated

Javan rhino black rhodium plated

Sumatran tiger white rhodium plated

Sumatran tiger black rhodium plated

Concept sketches