Self taught artists Susie Hall creates her masterpieces from her home studio in Bedford, UK. Her artwork is now in demand across galleries in the UK and the USA.

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Bedford based artist – Susie Hall

City Lights 6

Susie has loved creating art all her life. After becoming a semi-finalist in a Saatchi Showdown in 2013 and exhibited for the first time in London the same year, Susie took her art more seriously which has led to this finalist piece and another of her paintings being exhibited in The Atkinson Collection Gallery in Chicago.

Abstract 12

Susie  describes her style of art as abstract, semi-abstract and expressionism. She continues to develop and practice her work and enjoys experimenting with technique and process.

Abstract 15

Artists that influence Susie include; Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O’Keefe, Gerhard Richer, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko

Behind Closed Doors

“I love art that makes my heart skip a beat, intrigues me and stops me in my tracks..”

Colour, bold and vibrant work is what attracts Susie’s attention and she is drawn to abstract artwork that shows colour, form, balance and understanding of the value of light and space.


Susie has always been creative and considered using writing to satisfy her creativity, but art won her over in the end. In her spare time, Susie reads voraciously.

Hope Restored

It’s taken many years for Susie to find her way with art. She never had the opportunity to attend art college so found her style through years of exploration and practice in her spare time.

Lava Palover

Susie’s work is inspired by colour and interplay between colour and form. Nature and architecture play their part in her designs too.


Susie’s artwork can been seen in many exhibitions and galleries. She usually exhibits in London a couple of times a year.

She has a few local exhibits in Bedford and welcomes people to view her work in her home studio.

Other places you can see Susie’s art:
>The Atkinson Gallery, Chicago
>Little Van Gogh
>Culture Label


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Symphony Of Souls

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