If one of your loved ones has autism, you need to face a lot of problems together. I know that because I have a brother with severe autism who diagnosed when he was 4 years old.

Although such age isn’t that late to get a special education, his individualized education wasn’t that effective for several years. When he was 8 years old, my brother still wasn’t able to speak, read and write. He has had stimulus problem behaviors like hitting his head with his hand.

In those times, I read about Temple Grandin’s story and how she and her family managed to deal with her autism. That’s the moment where I realized the missing component in his life is not special education but our everlasting positive reinforcement.

After that point, we started to work at home as a team. My mother quit her job and be a part of my brother’s education for full-time. My father found out the best teachers in our area and took him every day to his lessons. I took a train every weekend from my college to go home to swim with my brother.

When we realize he has a special interest in sports, we enrolled him in lots of sports courses. He runs, attends table tennis tournaments, skates, and swim. Playing sports helped him to relieve himself and overcome his problem behaviors.

We also started to use technology. He is in love with smart devices. After realizing that, we used lots of apps and videos to teach him or to communicate with him. He learned a lot of skills with his tablet.

He is the most important person in my life. He inspired me to create something for him and his friends who have autism. I created a mobile educational application for children with special needs. He learned colors and literacy with my app. Also, he is using AAC for communication and learning new vocabulary.

It’s been 4 years since we started accepting severe autism and finding ways to live with that. Right now, my brother is verbal and knows how to read and write. He is not doing any problem behaviors. Also, he is happier and more connected with us.

I wish my story can help you to decide your way and inspire to start your own endeavors.

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