Let’s face it⁠—we all are guilty of comparing our bodies with picture-perfect models we see on Instagram or other social media channels. The skillfully edited and posed photos they share are notorious for giving many of us self-esteem and body image issues. While the body positivity movement is there to help, there’s still a common misconception that women are more vulnerable to these problems. The truth is, people of all genders can develop negative views and dissatisfaction towards their self-image by aspiring to achieve these unrealistically high standards.

One American study has shown that over the last 25 years, men’s dissatisfaction with their looks has almost tripled. The study found that around 43% percent of men are unhappy with their appearance and the number is almost as high as women’s.

Nevertheless, the subject of male body positivity is still not frequently discussed. Luckily, there are people who are taking small steps to change that.

Image credits: UnretiredGymnast

Tumblr user @troubled-pasta shared an important piece of information he learned about how muscles work.

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The man, who has been working out for years to achieve the looks of a ripped body and has learned a lot about the process, was mind-blown after finding out that muscles look completely different when they are flexed and relaxed. And he’s not the only one.

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Apparently, there’s a common misconception that if your relaxed muscles don’t look defined, that means you’re not working out hard enough.

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The user admitted that he had no idea that people in these photos were flexing muscles, so he just couldn’t resist sharing this information on the male physique with other people.

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The post was highly appreciated and went viral across several social media channels with a simple body-positive message: “You’re probably doing better than you realize.”

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