With the release of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ on December 20th, fans are finally going to experience the last chapter in the Skywalker Star Wars saga. But just how much would it cost live in a galaxy far, far away, and recreate some of our favorite Star Wars character’s homes?

By analyzing real-life alternatives and materials, we have priced up how much it would cost to build the Lars Homestead, Millennium Falcon, the Ewok Village, and a Jawa Sandcrawler.

If you can put up with the occasional Tusken Raider attack, you could build your own moisture farm and live like a young Luke Skywalker for £93,197 in just 16 weeks.

The life of a galaxy hopping scoundrel is a bit more of an upgrade, building your own Millennium Falcon would set you back £604,824,218. It would then cost an additional £108,681,328 every time you wanted to set off on your own galactic adventures after the initial 12-week construction period.

If you’re looking for more of an eco-friendly alternative, the communal living of the Ewoks could be yours for £288,000 within 32 weeks.

For adaptable living with all the security you could ever need, you won’t need to scavenge around for a better alternative once you build your own Sandcrawler, even if it would come at the cost of £16,868,000 and take 32 weeks. Ootini indeed.

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Lars Homestead

Millennium Falcon

Ewok Village

The Sandcrawler