Our creative, Sam, talks about how he keeps on top of his creative game.

“Staying creatively fresh is something that, to a designer, is an essential part of their job. Not only to keep client work to a high standard, but to stay motivated to create beautiful design.

This can be as simple as getting away from the Mac screen for the evening or the weekend and just taking in the world around you, allowing yourself to be inspired. Ironically though, designing personal projects out of work time is also commonplace.

Experimenting with different types of materials, such as wood and metal, is one outlet. Throughout my school and university years I tried out different craft projects and dabbled in building non-traditional graphic design pieces, while still keeping key design practices, such as typography and layout present. Recently I have been developing my skills with a technique called stippling, which is the process of using a pen, pencil or other media to create texture and shading just using dots. I have adapted the technique slightly, by using a wood burning tool and stippling onto wood, creating pieces with a unique look. Working on more intricate craft projects, develops my concentration and attention to detail, as the process of stippling is time consuming but allows me to zone out with some music and escape from everyday work.

I tend to find myself creating things that are not necessarily conventional items for a design agency, which helps take me back to reality and get hands-on with ideas and creative thoughts again.”

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