Someone gave a rubber chicken to a horse named Kruzah from Australia, making a favor for the whole Internet community. See, it turns out that this four-legged fellow really loves himself some rubber duck music.

This horse may NOT be the next Mozart of the animal world, but when he plays the toy, he surely knows how to enjoy himself. Although this ‘music’ can be quite taxing on the ears, let’s admit – it’s still a great reminder to enjoy simple things in life, especially knowing that Kruzah the horse had a rough start.

His owner Debbie Barber said he was born a ‘dummy foal’ – a condition where horses are born starved of oxygen. As a baby, Kruzah had swelling around his brain and had to have a total blood transfusion. Luckily, today he is the definition of ‘healthy’ – one more reason to play a rubber chicken and celebrate life.

(h/t: elitedaily)

Watch the video here: