Baths aren’t supposed to be scary. They’re supposed to be relaxing. But if you get bored of soaking in the bubbles and staring at the ceiling then check out these creepy scary movie-themed bath bombs. They’re made by Loquita Bath and Body, a California-based indie beauty brand, and they’re sure to make your bathing experience a little more interesting, if not also slightly terrifying. Do you get lonely in the bath? Then don’t worry, because Chucky from Child’s Play will be more than happy to accompany you. Or perhaps you’d rather relax with Eric Draven from The Crow? You can find them on the company’s website, where they start at $6. Buy them if you dare!

Looking for a bath bomb that’s a little less scary? Then click here for some Harry Potter bath bombs that reveal which Hogwarts house you belong in when they dissolve.

More info: Loquita Bath and Body

Child’s Play, Chucky

The Craft

The Crow