Did you know that bees and honey are symbols of love, family, sweetness, delight, and good luck? Inspired by the small hardworking insects and the rich golden color of honey, WingedLion designs handmade honeycomb jewelry and sells it on Etsy.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Natalia Moroz, the co-owner of the family business, said: “As many of inspirations come from one’s early impressions, I remember of a small family farm where my great aunt and uncle grew grapes and kept over a dozen of beehives. It was exciting to see all stages of bee production and harvesting. And the first necklace I had as a little girl was an amber drop that always reminded me of honey. Now, so many years later, when I thought of making the honeycomb necklace, amber seemed to be an obvious choice of gemstones. Additionally, we make the same design with citrines.”

Like what you see? Buy a piece of this beautiful honey-themed jewelry on Etsy!

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You can find this beautiful honey-themed jewelry on Etsy