Future predicting technology has long been the centre of many a sci-fi blockbuster, having us all in a collective awe and bedazzle for years (sometimes even decades); we never thought we’d see the day when the slew of dreamed-up gizmos will harden into reality – but we’re seeing it now! No, no – even better – we’re living it!
We’ve made a list of products that are currently hitting home in one form or another:

Pretty in Pink – Computer – Instant Messaging

Remember when receiving an IM was just cute? Ah, the blissful days of the past. Not only are we finding receiving IMs on a daily basis a normality now, but we’ve got so many options and Apps promoting them, that it’s almost getting hard to keep up.

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Star Trek – Replicator – 3D Printers

Appearing out of thin air, 3D printers not only add to the overall excitement and flashiness of things, but rather serve a very useful purpose – 3D printers can make food, body parts, skulls (to name a few) appear out of thin air, and it’s all gotten super weird (and awesome!). Things have gone so far that even scientists are examining their use in space to print spare parts… WOAH!

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Minority Report – Gesture-based Computer Interfaces

Seemingly impractical albeit visually awesome, this piece of tech has served as inspiration to Mgestyk Technologies which are currently working on fashioning a gesture-based interface. Translating hand movements into commands to control computer games and applications, the product consists of a 3D camera and software. Everything is still in the works, but hey – you’ve gotta honor the progress.

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Star Trek – PADD – iPad

At the time when we all drooled over a Personal Access Display Device, with our eyes wide open and sparkling with excitement, nobody could’ve guessed that, sometime later, we’d all be carrying our personal PADDs (iPad) around like it was nothing. Even more – we never thought OUR KIDS would be enjoying their Disney Storytime on one!

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Looking Backward – Credit Cards – ATM and Credit Cards

Remember that scene from Edward Bellamy’s 1888 Utopia when the protagonist falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in 2000 to find cards are used as money? Well, we aren’t sleeping all right but we’re definitely using credit cards in full speed these days, aren’t we! Ahhh… so much is happening!

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Star Trek – Virtual Display Device – Google Glass

You most probably haven’t made Google Glasses your it accessory for the upcoming fall, but you’ve definitely dribbled over them whenever they were featured in your favorite tech show.

While in Star Trek the headsets allowed the evil Dominion to see outside their ships, Google Glasses aren’t (yet) that powerful, but they channel almost everything outside your direct vision— email, recording… you name it.

Source: www.techdigest.tv

Minority Report – Heads-Up Displays – Air Touch Technology

The movie’s fabulous depiction of touch-screen technology is slowly being made into reality with a new technology prototype that generates a private air-touch display that doesn’t need voice activation or a physical keyboard or screen for input”. The science and technology advisor for Minority Report, MIT grad John Underkoffler, has even brought the movie’s OS to life. W-O-W!

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Fahrenheit 451 – Seashell Radio – In-Ear Headphones

Doesn’t that moment when Guy Montaug’s wife retreats into her own world with Seashells, quoting “an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talk coming in” sound familiar? Sure it does – you’ve got the same situation going on every single day, especially when you are trying to avoid awkward convos with people you barely know but who seem eager to chat. In-ear headphones, yes!

Source: www.wired.com

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – Electric Submarine – Diesel-Electric Submarines

Verne’s Captain Nemo traveled on the Nautilus, didn’t he? Yes, he did. And what was Nautilus, exactly? An electricity-powered vehicle with a dining room, organ, paintings, and other extravagance, a somewhat luxurious under-the-water capsule we now refer to as “submarine”. Ha!

Source: ideas.lego.com

Limitless – NZT-48 Smart Pill – Nootropics

If you are a sci-fi fan, you know how easy it is to find hallucinogenic drugs (and all other kinds) featured as heroes’ little life boosts that help them cope with the current state of reality they are faced with.
In sci-fi, things haven’t changed much; Limitless the movie (2011) had us totally blindsided and positively taken aback for featuring a synthetic smart drug NZT-48 as the centre of action; namely, once he swallows it, our hero Bradley Cooper (Eddie) instantly goes into a spiral of superhuman cognitive abilities and knowledge, a 4 digit IQ, and an ambitious drive like nothing else he has experienced before. Ha, could use me some of that – would definitely save me countless hours of online studying (okay, TRYING TO STUDY) Italian. Wait, don’t we have Nootropics which are pretty much that?

Source: lucid.me

Diamonds Are Forever – Biometric Scanner – Fingerprint Scanner

Tiffany Case’s biometric scanner may have been fooled by James Bond’s fake fingerprint, but it definitely won’t fool your iPad. Forget all about passwords; now available on iPad Air 2, a fingerprint is now unlocking your precious cargo instead of a pin number. We’re speechless. SPEECH-LESS.

Source: blog.wtfjeans.com

The Jetsons – Roomba – Robot vacuum cleaner

We are aware that robot-style vacuums have been around for about a decade now BUT we are actually keeping our fingers crossed that the great tech minds will soon be creating a Rosie who will cook our meals, keep our floors clean a la “The Jetsons”, fold our laundry, and, you know – make us happy. With what Dyson’s brought to the table back in 2015, we think there’s a big chance our Rosie dreams may come true.

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