On 1st October we announced publicly that we were going to have our first child. With Halloween being by far my favorite holiday, I told my wife that we should do a Hocus Pocus themed announcement.

Luckily, after a long pause of looking at me like I was an idiot, she was on board with this crazy idea. And therefore, I started creating concepts, ordering the costumes, creating the signs, fabricating a smoke displacement cover for inside the cauldron, scoping out locations, and coordinating 7 friends and family members into the idea.

After a month and a half of fabricating, planning and coordinating we pulled off my idea.

Baby Pierce coming March 2019!

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On 1st October we publicly announced the arrival of our soon-to-be first child

With Halloween being by far my favorite holiday, it was no surprise that we decided to have a Hocus Pocus themed announcement

Initially, my wife thought I was crazy

But soon before late, she was on board with the idea

And therefore, I started planning. I created concepts, ordered costumes, made the signs, and even fabricated a smoke displacement cover needed for the inside of cauldron

I even got family and friends to help us with our little project. They most certainly enjoyed themselves getting lost in the roles

Proud parents to be… god help this kid

Baby Pierce coming March of 2019