Most people know that chocolate is poisonous for dogs – even people without pets – but there are some dangers for pets out there that are way less known about. The same way expectant parents must baby-proof a house, pet owners know that there are certain household items that could get destroyed or be hazardous around their animals.

Well, pet owners should add Himalayan salt lamps to the list of these items to avoid after one woman shared the harrowing story of her cat’s near-death experience. The popular pink rocks are used as trendy decorations that people can put candles and lightbulbs inside of, but for cats, they can be deadly. Cat-owner Maddie Smith, from New Zealand, shared the consequences in a Facebook post that has since been shared by vet clinics, scroll down to read what happened.

Vets have warned cat-owners against purchasing Himalayan salt lamps – after one woman’s pet almost died

Image credits: RoseAvenueVet

Smith had awoken to find her cat, Ruby ‘walking really strangely’ and exhibiting odd behavior. At first, they thought she might just be chilly so they wrapped her up in blankets before leaving for their days. When they returned back home, they found not only had Ruby not gotten better – her condition had become drastically worse.

Image credits: RoseAvenueVet

Other pet owners were thankful to the woman for sharing her experience