Hiked a 2200 M mountain for the Wedding Photo session of my friends

The Story began when I decided to go along with the Bride and Groom to take their wedding photo session in a new place away from the busy streets of Cairo. So we have chosen together one of the cities closed to our hearts that is famous for its Big Mountains such as Saint Catherine City in South Sinai.

The City is famous for the well-known Monastery of Saint Catherine and the very well known MOUNT SINAI mountain which is as high as 2200m above sea level and famous with the story of Moses speaking to god from it.

It happened that the Bride and Groom and our friends are all used to hike through the Mountains and Valleys of this City more often.

So our pick to do the Wedding Photo Session was based on what we actually love to do which is Hiking.

We took a bus 5 hours away from Cairo to reach the city of Saint Catherine and we took a rest and had Lunch till 1 AM. And we started hiking with our gears and clothes the 4-Kilometer climb to reach the top of the mountain in 3 hours, and to catch the Sunset view from the top. It was very windy and the temperature reached 5 C.

We waited till 6 AM for the Sun to rise up and give us some warmness in order to be able to start our Photo Shoot. The Bride took her Dress to one of the toilets in the Mountain which had no mirrors and Water. The Groom changed his clothes behind some of the rocks. 

We were all ready by 7 and started the shoot which lasted until  9 AM and took the mountain down for another 2 hours to reach the base of the mountain by 11 AM.

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Hiked A 2200 M Mountain For The Wedding Photo Session Of My Friends


Sara 1 week ago