Indiana-based photographer Jon Smith, also known as WideEyedIlluminations, offers a real treat for the eyes with his high speed photos of exploding lightbulbs. Besides the beautiful forms that shattering glass creates, Jon’s photos burst with color, as every light bulb is filled with such colored objects as feathers, layered sand, beads, candies, or even beer caps. With the movement and the colors combined, every picture comes out incredibly dynamic and radiates energy.

“There is a certain unpredictability with high speed photography that I’m drawn to. It allows you to capture the unseen, the transition between before and after. It shows the beauty in destruction. Sure, it starts out as a normal light bulb and ends as a pile of broken glass, but for just a split second, it’s something beautiful – and to capture that is wonderful,” explains Jon.

Jon’s idea and inspiration is another example of how art can be created with the most ordinary items: “People see and use light bulbs every day. They’re something we don’t pay attention to. By shooting them, having them explode and filling them with different materials creates an interesting juxtaposition that I’m really drawn to,” he says. Make sure to go through the rest of his portfolio!

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