For those of you who have come out to someone as LGBTQ+, how did it go?


I realized I was allowed to be gay (was dealing with imposter syndrome-ish feelings about it) thanks to the help and support of an amazing friend of mine who held my hand through every step of me accepting myself, so I suppose he was first. He's amazingly accepting and wonderful and cute girls are a regular topic of conversation between us. Next was my friend Aves, who received a text at 4 am because I felt like I needed to tell someone else and they were the only one I was confident would be cool with it. After that was my mom, I had planned to wait longer but we had been watching Ultimate Tag and I was worried that I was talking about the Iron Giantess a little more than an average person would. Lastly, the remainder of my friends, who I told at a Halloween party last year after one of them jokingly said "Meg, if you're gay just tell us already." So I did. I found out a few months later they didn't even believe me and thought I was joking, and I essentially did it again. They're cool dudes, took it well! I hear a lot more 'guy talk' now. (I'm not sure how it started, but for years, them saying I was a lesbian was a running joke. Turns out they were right!)



First my besties then my dad then my mum all of them were supportive my mums bi as well and one of my besties is omni my dad and other bestie were also really supportive my parents essentially said that I just wasn't aloud to date ass holes and that was that



My family
my parents said "thank god" (they dont want me to date guys lol)
my one brother said "cool"
my other brother hates me now



I came out as genderfluid to my English Teacher and he took it really well, he’s a chill guy and my favorite teacher. I also am out to my friends and tell them my pronouns everyday because my pronouns shift day to day


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My partner is Genderfluid! I made them bracelets that represent the different pronouns. So Pink: She/Her, Blue: He/Him, Yellow: They/Them, and Black: Any. It's been really helpful and I had never seen them so happy about anything else before.


I don’t really have a funny story other than when I came out to my grandparents on my mom’s side. The three of us were having a nice chat and then I said it. They just went “Okay,” and we continued talking. Apparently, though, they didn’t hear me and my mom had to tell them a few weeks later! Nothing’s really changed between me and them which is great because they are super wholesome and my family has a good relationship with them, even though my coming out was pretty, er… bad.



When I told my family I was bisexual and polyamorous it didn't go well. They said they figured something was up because I was spending so much time with a married couple. We were uninvited to Easter (which I don't celebrate) at my own house. My roommate (a relative) was hosting it at our house and we were told not to come. His family refused to have anything to do with me. Her family was welcoming but they're bats*** crazy and abusive so that wasn't happening. Our families never fully accepted us in the 6 years we were together. They only accepted us once his wife left us. My family still doesn't believe I'm bi. I don't want to go through that again, but I will never make a partner hide our relationship.



All my friends and family support me other than my grandma



I came out to my mom first. We were eating dinner on the 4th of July and this was the conversation we had,
Mom: "Do you like boys?"
Me: *Gulp* "Yes?"
Mom: "are you lying?"
Me:*Sigh* Yah, I'm gay Ma."
Mom: " Thanks for finally telling me. I've known since you came home from preschool one day and told me you kissed some girl named Rachel."
Then a year later I put on a playlist of gay songs in the car and came out to my dad. He tries to be supportive but I can tell hes uncomfortable, because he makes comments. And my grandma thinks I don't know what I'm talking about. The rest of my family is somewhat chill with it, they just makes jokes about me going to H*ll.


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I told my friends and my parents kinda guessed I was bi. However now I'm not sure.