I am about to graduate in like 2 weeks. I am going to college soon. Show me your stories and memes!


I don't know what college is like in any other country, but in the UK it's a pretty casual affair. Like high school but less strict. Most people are there because they have an idea of what they want to do later in life. I went because of Francis.
Francis was the most amazing girl I had met up to that point in my life. I spent the whole first term (I guess you call it a semester?) playing the long game, getting to know her.
The second term was flirting, playful touching, playing footsie under the desk...
I didn't do a singe piece of work or pay attention to a single lesson. Everyday I would only get as far as writing the date before getting distracted by Francis.
Just before final exams at the end of the 2 year course, I'd been officially her boyfriend for a little over a year but still hadn't done a single piece of work, when out of the blue, she broke up with me. A week before the exams.
I sat those exams and wrote one of the best papers in my life.
I left college with a qualification in International Tourism without even studying.


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Not exactly 'Funny' in the comedic sense I know. But pretty much sums up my college experience.