Life has coincidences. What are yours?


SO I do an extracurricular martial arts class and there were these twins that I met there. Over summer I went to Florida and while we were at the zoo I saw them both there. I went over and said hi and all that so I knew it was them. Idk if this is a coincidence or just weird.



So im a redhead with a name that starts with M and is the last name of a famous singer. I start a new school and after a few months this new girl shows up with my same hair color and style. then I find out her name is m----- which is the last name of a famous singer and starts with an m. I cut my hair and she cuts hers the same length. Then I found out she likes the same girl as me


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And im not sure if she just copied me or it truly is a coincidence


I was watching a video about an unlucky boy and a lucky girl romance story(it's by RozyClozy). A few minutes later after finishing the video, I tripped on the stairs and hurt my ankle.



I met my best friend about 15 years go. He once lived in an apartment 2 houses away from where I lived but he moved out months before I moved in. I helped the landlord remodel the bathroom in my friends former apartment 20 years before I met him. At one point I was looking at buying the house between our former houses and he was going to rent the mother in law unit. I didn't buy it because it smelled funny.


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