I know life has been hard for a lot of people! And I want to hear about your journey with depression and anxiety!


The Pandemic was been really hard and with school online I have had anxiety attacks at least every other week day and sometimes on weekends. I have not had any motivation to do things that I love to do such as writing, reading, playing music. I think part of it is so much time on a computer and inside and I’m really trying hard to get outside of every day.



Well....my best friend moved, I've been grounded for a while, I've been rejected, I am doing online school. How do ya think im doing??



I have ADHD and anxiety, and I’m definitely struggling because pandemic. Some days are better than others though, and doodling and reading helps A LOT. Mostly, I try to laugh or joke as a way of coping.



my other post didn't work so I'm reposting it.

I have been really negative and depressed and having random anxiety attacks when doing perfectly normal things. I started trying to replace my negative thoughts with positive ones (it sounds cheesy but it works for me.)


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Oh no no no that's not cheesy, that's fantastic! It's great to hear that your trying to do better for yourself! I wish I could do that. When I try to do that it ends up in me having a bigger anxiety attack. Again great to hear your doing better!