I spent a couple of months exploring and adventuring around in Norway. I hiked, I hitched hiked, I slept under the stars and took some photos along the way!

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This is the view from Above Hermannsdalstiden summit – multiday hike.

Robuer Sunset on the Reine

Fishing village of Tind

The Fishing Village of Tind in Lofoten

The fishing village of Reine’s Reflection

Reine Sunset

Rorbuer are the red stilt houses for fishermen

Rorbuer close up detal

I hiked up Reinebringing to get this view

This is off the Skagefla trail (Skagefla is a farm built above a rocky outcrop)


Fishing village

Fish heads drying

Another village in Norway

Contrasty Bridge

This is the midnight Sun taken from a ferry around 11:45pm

Another Farm above a fjord

Seven Sisters Waterfall



Fairytale town of Alesund

Hermannsdalstinden summit