I grew up in Kingwood, TX. In 1994 our family suffered through a flood that saw our townhouse fill with 26 feet of water when the San Jacinto river crested at 67 feet. The flood destroyed my community and the lives of many people.

Today we are suffering the effects of another flood as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey (now a tropical storm) passes through, expecting the river to crest at 69 feet. On the north side of Houston, Lake Conroe reached record levels and released record volumes of water to flow downstream toward the Gulf of Mexico, passing through the Forest Cove section of Kingwood.

These photos are of the 59/69 freeway, just north of the San Jacinto river, where rushing water has turned the freeway into an expansive torrent.

The death toll will rise over the coming days, and entire lives will be shattered. But many lives are also being spared and saved as I write thanks to the brave and courageous work of rescue and emergency workers, as well as civilians, who eagerly step up to help when others need it. There have been people coming in from not only Houston, but across the state and the country to help locally, and they are appreciated and loved for their willingness to help.

For those of you who wish to help and have no other means, please reach out to any of the many charities and give what you can, whether donations, time, or money. Please research to ensure the things you give are being used properly and making an impact.

Also know that Houston is NOT the only community needing help. The effects of this storm exist from Corpus Christi to the south and will continue north through New Orleans. Please help wherever you can.

You can now see an update to this post here.

I-59/I-69 Freeway Southbound, north of San Jacinto river

Loop 494 @ Hamblen Road

I-59/I-69 Freeway Southbound, north of San Jacinto river

Same RV pictured above as flood waters turned it on it’s side

Burning Tree Lane, about 1/2 mile north of river bank

Kingwood Cove Golf Course

Loop-494 being used as staging area and boat ramp

Volunteers preparing to head out in search of others needing help

Volunteers returning from searching the neighborhood

Volunteers returning from assisting recovery efforts

Helicopter assisting with recovery efforts

Dealing with hell? Bring wine and cigarettes…because what else can you do?