All these paintings are painted by a lady name Claudia Tremblay from Quebec, Canada. She had started painting 12 years ago when she was sent to Guatemala with an N.G.O. Her task was to work with the refugee women returning from Mexico after war.

In her free time, she started to paint these beautiful, hard working woman and everything that moves her as she wish to transmit love and sensibility through her paintings. She started a little art gallery to distribute and reproduce her paintings. She is mostly working with water colors and crayons. Now she is back in Canada and started her little work shop to hand print everything with a high quality art printer and quality ink. She also accept custom paintings and sizes upon request.

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The Three Sisters Art Print

Namaste Yoga Art Print

Maria And The Butterflies, Art Print

The Sunflower Art Print

The Rose And The Bird

Our Path, Sunset, Art Print

Art Print With Deer and Child

As Long As You Come Back

The Rose and The Bird

The Sisters With Lily Flowers Art Print