I’m an animation director and illustrator, well-known in Lithuania. I create unseen and unimaginable worlds and their dwellers. My creative touch makes anything come to life.

That’s what has happened to a cinema chair which, after three months of thorough work, has come into bloom, along with awakening nature, and has become the symbol of the largest festival of independent cinema in Lithuania.

Every single leaf and petal has been meticulously made by hand and anyone going to the film festival can see the museum-worthy cinema chair live. The blooming chair stimulates eager curiosity. Many are those who, before entering the viewing room, try to touch the chair, just like they used to touch the beard of Santa Claus in their childhood, when they wanted to check if he was real.

That’s the way I feel at a movie theatre. I find myself in another world, a miraculous world of cinema. And the blooming cinema chair embodies this miracle.

More info: gedsia.com