There are generally only two outcomes if your dog runs away. A) your furry sidekick comes back, or B) it doesn’t. But when Luke Neville and his brother James lost their pug Bella, they were faced with a third, infinitely stranger scenario.

Their canine companion sneaked out of their house in Culburra, Australia one morning, and despite searching for hours, the worried brothers returned without her. They told everybody in the neighbourhood to keep their eyes peeled and they also posted a picture of her on Facebook. Much to their delight and surprise, one of their friends found Bella and returned her safely home to her relieved owners. But although the dog was a pug, and although it looked like Bella, the dog was in fact a different dog entirely. “My mate saw the sign and thought it was Bella,” Luke told Buzzfeed. “So they picked up the pug and dropped it in my house.”

After calling the local council ranger and learning that the REAL Bella was safe and sound in the pound, the Nevilles found themselves with one Bella too many. They trawled the local lost pet listings and discovered that ANOTHER pug had gone missing that same day, and after contacting the owners of Not-Bella, they returned the little impostor to their rightful owners. “It was pretty great having two pugs but happy to stick with one in the meantime,” Luke told Bored Panda.

Nobody said the pug life was easy (h/t: Buzzfeed)

When Luke and James Neville’s dog Bella went missing, they feared the worst until their friend found and returned her

There was only one problem: the dog wasn’t Bella!

In a crazy twist of coincidence, another pug that looked like Bella had gone missing that very same day. Their friend had returned the wrong pug!

Meanwhile, the brothers discovered that their own dog was safe and sound in the local pound, and so they began searching for the owners of Not-Bella

After a little detective work, the Nevilles returned the furry impostor to their owners while they were reunited with the real Bella