It’s been a year that the project “Seasons-photo diary” is collecting Georgia’s most distinguished and interesting places in its photo-shoots. We are traveling two, me and my husband, David Khelashvili. Locations, colors, heroes change according to the seasons. More and more pluses are added alongside the list, where the long wished destinations are written. During these trips and photo shoots, our cameras have been able to show you different regions and villages. Despite the moments shot on the tape, we were sincerely trying to reach to you the experience that we had beyond the cameras. As we know, emotions are the most considerable, that one gets from the trip.

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Everything started a year ago in Guria, Bakhmaro. To celebrate one year anniversary, we went back to the region, but now the destination point was resort Gomi mountain.

At 7am we started our trip from Tbilisi. We drove an SUV, but any class car can reach the destination, because the road to Gomi mountain is that hard. Desire to start shooting starts as we enter the region Guria. Space from here to Gomi mountain demands separate recording. Due to our strictly managed time, we do not stop. Guria architectural type houses with finely worked details, green landscape and streams change places and then everything gets covered up by fog.

We are already on Gomi mountain. Visibility is down to zero. It is a usual thing in this place. We get advised by the locals and break up camp on the highest hill. The whole village must be seen from here, but we can barely see each other. We start opening up tents and try to start the fire. Nearby we have some neighbors and get to taste Adjarian wine. According to the latest news, the fog had not cleared away, which means we may return to city without the photos. We remember Bakhmaro and try not to lose hope. Our optimism came true, clouds were thrown away and for 40 minutes Gomi mountain was in our disposal.

Soon we had to go back to our tents. It is sufficiently cold and we are wrapped up in winter sweaters. From our camping place, we see little yellow lights lightening up down in the village. The region has electricity problem, due to robbery of electric wires back in 1990’s, so most of the inhabitants use generators to have electricity. Mobile and internet services are also a problem here, but it still catches and works. Despite these little problems, still Gomi mountain is one of the most interesting places for tourists to visit. Reasons can be seen our photos – 2100 metres above the sea level, needle trees around the region, streams and mineral waters. The most important aspect of all of this, is the mountain and sea climate merge and have a cure characteristics for health. There is one legend connected to this mountain. As it is said, one shepherd came on this mountain with his daughter, who had an incurable disease. According to folk handing overs, the daughter got cured on this mountain.

We left the fog estates during the sunrise. Before getting the chance to visit the most mystic mountain, you can visit and travel though Gomi mountain with our photos.

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