Meet this 210 pound Great Dane who always had toys no smaller than a car tire and still managed to rip them to pieces within a couple of weeks. This pooch could have been called a toy-destroying machine! Until now, that is, because when his owner’s sister got him a toy owl about the size of doggie’s head, everything changed. The dog doesn’t touch the owl toy because he thinks that the toy is his pet! The doggie is taking a good care of his his little baby owl. Now the toy and the pooch are always sleeping together, with the toy always by Great Dane’s head.

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The 210 pound Great Dane was a toy-destroying machine who would rip even the biggest toys

But everything changed when he got a toy owl

He never touches the owl because the pooch thinks it’s his pet!

Now the toy and the pooch are always sleeping together and the toy is always by the doggie’s head!