I’m not sure if any creator can relate, but sometimes when you are working as a designer, you can stuck on certain projects for months and working again and again on the same thing. For me, that’s something extremely frustrating and boring.

So I started using my Instagram to practice and train my creativity and imagination. Every week I’m trying to find some free time to create some quick graphic or artwork, with no restrictions, or requirements.

It all started on March 3, 2017,  when I created letter “R” merged together with a couple of vintage rose illustrations and uploaded it to my Instagram account just for fun. It became quite popular and I continued to create other letters till I’ve finished the whole alphabed on June 22, 2018. I ended up creating and posting new letters every second week.

I use various sources for interesting vintage illustrations of any kind. Sometimes I draw a little draft of how I imagine that the letter should look like or just combine the right objects with the rights letters.

As you can see below, there are various themes for each letter and I was extremely surprised that the letters actually look good together as words!

Right now I’m working on the numbers and later on I’m planning to jump right into the letters of different latin languages as for example letters of my mother tongue – czech. So if you are interested, stay tuned on my Instagram account!

More info: Instagram

Hummingbird “A”

Ladybug “B”

Blackberry “C”

Feather “D”

Circus “E”

Fishy “F”

Anatomical “G”

Toadstool “H”

Moth “I”

Autumn “J”

Industrial “K”

Butterfly “L”

Lemony “M”

Nautical “N”

Birdy “O”

Freaky “P”

Meadow “Q”

Rosy “R”

Slytherin “S”

Teapot “T”

Flying “U”

Automobile “V”

Mistletoe “W”

Floral “X”

Magnolia “Y”

Tulip “Z”

Sur Le Misanthrope – my nickname on social media