Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins successfully blends roughness and elegance in his Graffiti Birds urban paintings on the walls of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Martins, who goes by the nickname “L7m,” has been into art since childhood, and had his first introduction to spray paint at the age of 13. Since then, he has been experimenting with different techniques and materials like china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic.

Through his experimentation, he has come up with something truly unique. Unlike the sort of graffiti that we’re all used to, L7m’s paintings combine geometrical elements and stylized color puzzles with detailed realism. Luis’ work “is identified by the simplicity of colors and free geometry, related to several issues, causing contradictions and uncomfortable feelings in the observers.”

On his profile, Luis describes his style by writing, Everything generates the chaos, from the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized.” Be sure to check out more of his works in his portfolio!

Source: facebook, flickr