Hummingbirds are one of the most spectacular and beautiful birds in nature. These tiny beings that weigh less than a nickel and can make a humming noise by flapping their wings are very popular among those who enjoy bird watching. However, not everyone can be graced with their presence. While they can be found in Canada and across North America, during the colder season, they migrate to locations with a warmer climate. Only some southern and coastal regions of the United States and Mexico, as well as much of the Caribbean and South America, are home to these birds year-round. However, those who are living in the central and northern US are greeted by these migrating birds in late spring, meaning that now is a good time to get your bird feeders ready.

At the beginning of May, migrating hummingbirds are starting to reach the northern US, which means that people are getting their feeders ready

Image credits: Gary Leavens

Hummingbird enthusiasts are really creative when it comes to attracting these birds to their sight. Not only do they make sure to provide the best nectar, but they also like to get intricate feeders and sometimes go overboard with them.

Some hummingbird enthusiasts are getting extra-creative—for instance, this guy who wanted to experience hummingbirds from a very close range

Take, for instance, this man from Lyons, Colorado who attached plastic feeders to his glasses for an up-close hummingbird experience. The birds didn’t seem to mind being this close to a human and happily indulged in sugar water while rapidly flapping their wings next to the man’s face.

However, he’s not the only innovative one: others make original helmets and hats made for up-close hummingbird feeding

It’s not the first time someone has attempted to turn themselves into a human hummingbird-feeder. A couple of years ago, a “bird nut” named Spencer Staley decided to create the ultimate hummingbird-feeding hat, which includes seven feeders and allows him to feed hundreds of birds in a short period of time.

Another man from Costa Rica did something similar by designing a hat with 3 feeders attached to it. It allows him to get a close view of hummingbirds getting that sweet nectar.

Apparently, it’s also quite easy to feed hummingbirds from your hand if you’re patient enough

Image credits: Steve

Clearly, hummingbirds do not shy away from human company, so it’s quite easy to feed them from your hand if you’re patient enough.


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However, if you’d like to give them some privacy, there’s a vast variety of bird feeders that can be placed in a visible location to get a marvelous view of these stunning birds, so make sure to try it if you have the chance!

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If you prefer giving hummingbirds a little bit more privacy, try using bird feeders


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