A performing arts teacher in London, England got quite a shock when he received a text message from a parent of a couple of his students, announcing that they would be pulled from his class because of his ‘lifestyle’ choices.

Basically, Michael is gay and the parent, as a Christian, didn’t approve and was worried about his ‘influence’ on the children. Now, how this parent plans to continue their kids’ education in theatre without ever encountering a gay person is a mystery as, as Michael quite eloquently puts it, “theatre without gays is like cooking without spices.” So good luck with that.

Michael’s response to what was no doubt a hurtful announcement; the suggestion that his profession and passion for teaching is somehow effected by his sexuality, was applause-worthy and was widely shared on Twitter. Scroll down to read it all for yourself, and let us know what you think. Was he right to respond in this way? Or does the parent have the right to a refund? Join the discussion!

This is performing arts teacher Michael

He got a quite a shocking message from a parent of his students about his ‘lifestyle’

Here’s how people reacted