The hit HBO series is about to leave our screens for good within the next week.

To fill the void this show will leave behind, we got creative and reinvented some of our favorite characters as modern-day holidaymakers. From the Instagram influencer to the gap year student.

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#1 Arya Stark As “Free Spirit”

Arya Stark As “Free Spirit”

Arya has always been a wanderer, and we can totally imagine her as the free spirit backpacker looking to tick as many destinations as possible off of her list. She'd have a particular interest in mindfulness and wellness travel, heading to destinations such as Cambodia, Bali and India.


#2 Jon Snow As “Lone Wolf”

Jon Snow As “Lone Wolf”

Jon would definitely be that brooding solo traveler, looking to 'find himself' on his travels. Jon's solo adventures would take him to Havana, one of the more up and coming destinations where he would want to experience an authentic Cuba before it becomes too populated with tourists.


Thomas brennan 3 days ago

Spare some change?

#3 Daenerys Targaryen As “Been There, Done That”

Daenerys Targaryen As “Been There, Done That”

Adventure girl Daenerys has been everywhere and done everything. You certainly wouldn't be able to keep up with her in a travel challenge. Always looking for something new, her adventures would take her to places such as the Erta Ale Volcano in Ethiopia... with her dragons of course!


Aisha La Gatta Pelirroja 3 days ago

Love the backpack.

#4 Ned Stark As “Anxious Traveler”

Ned Stark As “Anxious Traveler”

Starks aren't exactly known for their love of travel, and none more so than Ned who prefers to stick North of the wall. Ned would be that one friend on holiday who worries about everything and has to read every last review of the hotel, restaurant, bar... you name it. If Ned was to be encouraged to travel it would be to somewhere historic and educational, such as Stonehenge.


#5 Samwell Tarly As “Time Traveler”

Samwell Tarly As “Time Traveler”

Sam loves history and education, so his travel experiences would be all about expanding his knowledge. You could find him traversing ancient cities including Athens, Pompeii and Rome.


#6 Cersei Lannister As “Instagram Influencer”

Cersei Lannister As “Instagram Influencer”

No-nonsense, 'it girl' Cersei would without a doubt be an Instagram influencer if she was around today. Her favorite destinations would include New York, the buzzing city would provide plenty of excitement for Cersei as she arrives with her designer luggage in tow, ready to create some new content for her fans - and the haters.


#7 Tyrion Lannister As “Socializer”

Tyrion Lannister As “Socializer”

Fun-loving Tyrion would be looking to drink, party and socialize on his travels. He would definitely be off to Munich for Oktoberfest, and no doubt he'd be a regular in Vegas too.


N G 3 days ago

Did you just turn Tyrion into a leprechaun?

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#8 Margaery Tyrell As “Hopeless Romantic”

Margaery Tyrell As “Hopeless Romantic”

Margaery is that kind of girl who always gets what she wants, and always seems to be walking on sunshine. A hopeless romantic, she'll be traveling to fairytale locations such as Paris floating around in a pretty dress with a book in hand and the effortless chic style.


#9 Ramsay Bolton As “Adrenaline Junkie”

Ramsay Bolton As “Adrenaline Junkie”

He might not have the most active social life, but Ramsay would seek his thrills with an adventure travel experience - after all, he does get a rush from danger. He'd be taking part in everything from skydiving to mountain climbing and skiing.


#10 Sansa Stark As “Gap Year Traveler”

Sansa Stark As “Gap Year Traveler”

Privileged Sansa would be lucky enough to be able to take a whole gap year traveling, and would spend every other year telling you all about it. Her gap year spots would include Thailand (of course), Bali, Australia and everywhere else in between.


Kaci Joseph 3 days ago