The best teachers at school were the ones who could take a joke, join in with the wisecracks and dish out a little back when a student deserves it. Because we all know that humorlessly sending a cheeky kid to detention only breeds resentment in the long run. You want respect? You gotta show them that you can play them at their own game, and win. (Facebook cover image: Brett L.)

Image credits: Linda Hartley (not the actual photo)

Depending on your personality type, this kind of back-and-forth banter can be a source of endless amusement or a daily grind. This post, an oldie-but-a-goodie, is still doing the rounds some years after it was originally posted. Aptly uploaded by ReKonCIle onto the subreddit r/MurderedByWords, it’s about a teacher called Mrs. Johanson, clearly a favorite among many of her former students. Not one student though, it’s safe to say that Larry isn’t a fan.

After one student expressed her hope that Mrs. Johanson might be at a reunion, Larry jumped in with his opinion. Apparently, he got in big trouble because of Mrs. Johanson, and had to take summer school because of it. “WTF that lady was your favorite teacher,” he wrote. “She’s a b***ch because of her I had to take summer school!”  Little did he know that she was in the group, and only too happy to reply! “Sadly, I won’t be able to attend,” she said. “But thank you all for inviting me to the group. Larry, I’m sorry you feel that way. Obviously my grammar lessons didn’t stick too well.”

Ouch, Larry got owned! To be fair, he doesn’t exactly come across as the sharpest tool in the shed and should’ve thought twice before engaging in some verbal sparring with his former teacher. People loved Mrs. Johanson’s chutzpah, and it goes to prove that nothing goes down better than a sharp, well-constructed comeback.