There’s so much commotion regarding finding the best candidates to fill roles at jobs. However, there is so little the candidate can do to ensure the quality of his or her boss. Typically, upon hire, the odd’s are against you. Managers and CEO’s can be pink slip breathing tyrants. Or they can turn an entire department against someone as a pass time. They can blame you for their mistakes, and they are seldom managed themselves. So here is a little medley of cartoons I made to describe a few loathsome boss types. I had to limit it to five, but maybe you have some of your own?

Hopefully, you can read these and realize that your talents are precious and navigate your best skills towards industry and a community that appreciates what you do best. Many find that it is a bit of a long road, but laughter is the best medicine while you are on your way.

The Gaslighter Boss

E-mails one recipient with twelve others CC’d, casting a massive shadow over its recipient.

The Copa Cabana Boss

Sorry, but the boss of me does not show up in flip flops…thanks.

The Phantom

These ones are more common these days than ever. If he sees something he doesn’t like in real time from his home during the time of leisure, then he is calling on the cell phone to let you know.

The Passive Buffoon Boss

He breaks out in ninety-nine bottles of beer at the sight of trouble and solves every issue with happy hour.

The Micro Manager

Really, really, really-REALLY needs you to send a read receipt.