The internet is full of animal comics, with cats and dogs, of course, dominating the scene (as they do). But birds don't often get the spotlight to preen their beautiful feathers in ink or paint. Well, potatopato comics are here to fix this issue.

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The artist, Cynthia, chose her own pet, a cockatiel named Buddy, as the focus of the comics. With playful, positive scenarios she portrays what it feels like having a parrot as a pet and showcases the joys and struggles of living with Buddy. As for what inspired the artist, she said that it's all based on real life. "They are largely real incidents, based either on Buddy himself, or experiences I've had with other birds in my life" Cynthia told Bored Panda. With quite a following, the artist revealed that the reaction is overwhelmingly positive. "People tell me it helps them with depression and helps get them through bad days, and I'm grateful to be able to help" she said.

Scroll down to check them out and hey, they might inspire you to get a cockatiel of your own. Don't forget to vote and comment on your favorite pieces!

Here's a picture of what Buddy looks like in real life

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#1 ♡


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Judith Cozien 3 weeks ago

Proof that birds, like cats, are liquid!

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#2 What Do You Want

What Do You Want

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Garima Kanojiya 3 weeks ago

I too have a parrot and can totally relate with it.. :D

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#3 Or Anything With Birds On It For That Matter

Or Anything With Birds On It For That Matter

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Nanni 17 3 weeks ago

The coolest thumbs up I've seen so far! :D

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#4 ... I Sits :3

... I Sits :3

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The Laugh Fan 3 weeks ago

I love the way the cartoon 'suggests' the bird running to the water bowl! I can just hear the scrabbly little feet!

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#5 Domestic Bird Photography At Its Finest

Domestic Bird Photography At Its Finest

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Elizabeta Anastasova 3 weeks ago

This happens with my budgies too :D

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#6 Prickly Little Dinosaur ~

Prickly Little Dinosaur ~

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KismetTheFox 3 weeks ago

This is true, baby birds are adorable.

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#7 He's Doing His Best

He's Doing His Best

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Eliane Prado 3 weeks ago

Oh, and when they sing at 2 A.M.? I think my neighbors want to kill me...

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#8 Snack Attack!!!

Snack Attack!!!

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Sarah 3 weeks ago

As a kid my cockatiel actually ate my homework. Wasn't that just so fun explaining to the teacher. :P

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#9 They'll Never Find Me

They'll Never Find Me

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Nini Meow 3 weeks ago

Yes no one can see you

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