Glasses, mirrors, jars or pieces of wood:  hand me a brush, and I'll get lost in color and possibilities!

I was born in Bucharest and started painting as soon as I could hold a paintbrush. Art ran through my family, as my late grandfather was a sculptor. I never got a chance to meet him, but my mother remembered his talent and taught me the basics of painting, always nudging me forward.

After I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, I struggled to make a living on what I loved most: art. I did graphic design and web design jobs and even was a cake decorator for a while. It wasn't till after I became a mother that, just for my son's amusement, I started painting realistic animals for him. It was a lot easier than actually buying them!
After that, I discovered that glass was a perfect surface for painting, it offered each image an extra dimension and depth. It was only the beginning as I also started painting on wood and other surfaces, transforming them into unique functional artworks.

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