A small puppy named Todd was found inside a room at an Emergency Housing Homeless Shelter back in October of 2019. His owner had fallen ill and was unexpectedly hospitalized. Shelter staff did not know there was a puppy in the room until they went to pack it out nearly two weeks later. He was found alone and hadn’t eaten or drank water in over a week.

Shelter staff immediately contacted Friends for Life Rescue Network for help. With the aid of social workers; the rescue was given ownership and allowed to bring the malnourished puppy into the rescue.

Thankfully, Todd was in better condition than expected. He was dehydrated and malnourished but otherwise seemed energetic and happy. He entered foster care and immediately started to pack on the pounds! He was adopted to an amazing home when he was 4 months old. He is now happy and spoiled in his forever home!

You can find more information about Friends for Life Rescue Network at the website or by following them on Instagram.

More info: friendsforliferescuenetwork.com | Instagram

Todd on the day he was found

Todd in his new foster home

Growing big and strong with the help of foster bro Hercules

More treats please!

Ready for Thanksgiving!

Adoption Day!

Todd loving his new forever home

Happy and Healthy at 6 Months Old