My name is Sharon, I am an artist based in NSW, Australia. I am also soon to be a Registered Nurse. My happy place is where I can make a positive difference to someone’s day and also where I can create art. I was homeless and in a crisis situation in 2015 due to family break up. Thankfully I received a lot of support from my friends, and from social services provided by the Burdekin Association.

For those who do not know what The Burdekin Association is, they are an organisation based in the Northern Beaches of NSW, Australia, providing social services for homeless youth to achieve a fulfilled future. In a matter of months, I had a place to call home and no longer carried the label of being homeless.

Having my own space allowed me to discover my passion for art and to focus on working towards my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.

If you are still reading now, I sincerely want to thank you for the time you have taken for stopping by to read a part of my story. Feel free to email me and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

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Coral Reef

Spirited Pond

Galactic Geode Pool

Ethereal Driftwood


Azure Marble

Safari Whirlpool

Bubbling Geode

Galactic Channels


Winter Wonderland